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The Shining’s Architecture Influence

Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon Exterior shots for 'The Shining'
Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon Exterior shots for ‘The Shining’

After 30 years of scaring audiences, the Timberline Lodges portraying The Overlook Hotel in The Shining finally has a museum.  While the majority of movie was spent inside, the interior was actually filmed in England. The exterior of the Timberline Lodges is located in the mountains of Oregon.

For historical significance of the Timberline Lodges, the hotel is responsible for the horror that unfolds in the film. It is treated as physical distinct character. Kubrick infuses the daunting lodge with its own mystique that makes it feel truly alive. Kubrick filmed the estate with the necessary splendor required.

While the Timberline Lodge may not be the source of inspiration for the novel, it is also an icon in film history. For fans of the film can visit the National Historic Landmark year round.  The Timberline has seasonal activities as well as tours, music performances, and even wedding services.

The actual location for the museum is the Stanley Hotel in Colorado which served as the original inspiration for the Overlook hotel in Stephen King’s seminal work.  Like the Timberline, The Stanley Hotel wants to serve as a “year round horror destination”, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The mystery of what will be in Room 237 remains.

Stanley Hotel
   The Stanley Hotel.



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