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Enter The Mall of America

Enter the city within a city.

The Mall of America is a symbol the vitality of business. Hosting over 4 miles of total store front footage, the MOA is a testament to revolutionizing the shopping experience.  Since the doors opened on August 11, 1992, the MOA has become one of the most sought tourist destinations in the nation.

But it did not become a leader in retail, entertainment, and attractions overnight. It offers a Nickelodeon Theme park, a SeaLife Aquarium and Holiday Light Shows. To know how big exactly the MOA is click here. The MOA opened with 330 separate brands with the vision to be more than just a shopping mall.

Forty million annual visitors ranging from Canada, Ireland, and Sweden to Japan, Korea, and Latin America visit the MOA each year because of that vision. That is more than the entire of Canada! And even 4 out of every 10 visits is a tourist. The MOA is recognized worldwide and is a shining star for that state of Minnesota.

Surprisingly, the Mall of America was envisioned to be twice its current size. While currently under expansion for a new grand entrance to be the “new front door” to the mall and a 342 room JW Marriott, phase two expects to draw another 20 million visitors annually by targeting upscale customers with services such as hotels, museum quality  exhibit space, and the state’s largest water park.

If the Mall of America keeps expanding, finding the way out of the city will be a challenge, but it has anything a person could ever need behinds its all-encompassing walls anyway.

mall-of-america-treescape mall-of-america-moa-003 Mall-of-America_1_0
mall-33 Mall_of_America-11



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