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The History and Architecture of Two Prudential Plaza

Two Prudential Plaza

Two Prudential Plaza is currently the 6th tallest building in Chicago and the 13th tallest in the United States. Various companies are stationed in the massive building, including consulates and Chicago radio stations. Construction on the building began in 1988 and finished nearly two years later in 1990. The building is very visible in Chicago skyline from many viewpoints. It made the Aon Center building stick out less due to this building quite tall itself.

Take a look at photos below of Two Prudential Plaza below. The building is built on a Caisson foundation and is made of concrete. The building also has a pyramid roof with a spiral on top that adds to its uniqueness.


Height: 995 Feet

Stories: 64

Completed: 1990

Location: 180 N. Stetson Av. Chicago, Illinois United States

Architect: Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl / Stephen T. Wright

Architectural Style: Postmodernism


1_454x340 2_454x340 2PrudentialPlaza-Oct08-002a download Two_Prudential_Plaza TwoPrudentialPlaza-001 two-prudential-plaza-chicago TwoPrudentialPlaza-Sep07-002a two-prudential-plaza-souvenir-replica-gifts


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