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This Urban Algae Farm Eats Up Highway Air Pollution

Implementing Environmentally Friendly Algae Farms on Highways

A French firm has completed a design for an algae farm suspended over a small stretch of highway in Geneva, Switzerland. This algae farm has the ability to obtain nature’s energy in a clean way.

Algae can generate energy from photosynthesis using sunlight and carbon dioxide, churning out oxygen along the way. Since CO2 is a pollutant that’s produced by car engines, the interstates and highways of the world are a perfect place for such products.


Here is a picture of the algae farm in action in Switzerland.


The bioreactor consists of a closed system of transparent, algae-filled tubes that are hooked up to secondary equipment such as filters, pumps and solar panels.With so much sunlight and CO2, the algae can grow immensely inside the tubes, filtering the air before being extracted and used for a variety of applications. Cloud Collective is the company that created the concept and design. They say that the material could even be used to make bio diesel, medication, cosmetic products, and green electricity.


Watch the process of the product below in the Vimeo video

Read more about the concept at Cloud Collective’s website. Also Photo Souces (Cloud Collective)


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