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The History and Architecture of the Flatiron Building (New York)

What Makes the Flatiron Building so Cool to This Day

When built over 100 years ago the Flatiron building in New York was famous not for it’s height but for its unique architecture, structure-wise. Ever since 1902 photographers and media in general depict the Flatiron Building as an iconic building of New York because there is no other building like it. The building itself is located on a triangular island block. Before the advances of architecture that we have today people were shocked to see a building that shape without it blowing over. The interior is known for its strangely shaped offices from being cut off to fill the acute angle of the building.

When the Fuller Company moved out of the building in 1929 the surrounding area became barren. In the 1990s the area began to ripen again with high-end restaurants and shops in the vicinity of the building. Today the building consists of mainly small and large publishing firms with a few shops on the ground floor.

It is truly phenomenal that a building’s architecture can bring on a life of it’s own with paintings, photographs, music and many other forms of art that have been created from inspiration from the masterpiece.


Height: 307 Feet

Stories: 22

Completed: 1902

Location: 175 Fifth Ave, New York

Architect: Daniel H. Burnham & Co.

Architectural Style: Chicago School


4a09478a-flatiron Edificio_Fuller_(Flatiron)_en_2010_desde_el_Empire_State_crop_boxin Flatiron stairs Flatiron_Building_NYC_c1903 Flatiron_crop flatiron-2 flatiron-building FlatironBuilding1 FlatironBuilding-002a images jan12OfficeFlatiron_18 Flatiron Building, 1916


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