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Kelsey Grammer’s House in the Hamptons

Frasier Star’s House in Paradise

Kelsey Grammer is a known actor, comedian, and writer. He has had amazing roles in both Frasier and Cheers. Born in 1955 on the US Virgin Islands, Grammer did not start his television career until the early 1980’s. After a few smaller roles for less known TV shows, he finally landed the role of the Frasier in the very popular Frasier and Cheers.

Kelsey Grammer’s house in the Hamptons is a reason you might like his style. The $10 million house features a pool, high ceilings, and colonial styled exterior. The master bedroom has its own chandelier and fireplace. The whole house is super cozy and tucked into a nice neighborhood in the very popular and expensive Hamptons. Check it out below.


Location: Hamptons, New York

Size: 8,000 square feet

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 7.5


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