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Drew Barrymore’s Flower Film Office in Los Angeles

An Amazing Office for an Amazing Actress

Born in Culver City, California, Drew Barrymore was bound to be a smash actress because both of her parents were famous ones. Drew starred and had roles in films such as E.T., Fifty First Dates, and Charlie’s Angels. Some of her most recent roles have been in the movies Blended, Going the Distance, and Big Miracle.

Drew Barrymore’s office is very interesting. The office she owns in Los Angeles is actually for her own production company that was founded in 1995. She has decorated it very nicely and kept it architecturally historic. Her office has a nice kitchen, very bright colors all over the place, and retro pictures and furniture to set a cheery mood. When you step in Flower Film’s office you feel a vibe of happiness. Check it out for yourself.


Location: Los Angeles, California

Size: 4,000 square feet

Bedrooms: N/A

Bathrooms: N/A


2008-03-18-drew 2008-03-18-drew2 2008-03-18-drew3 2008-03-18-drew4 drewdomino4 gasl_drew_barrymore_home_01 gasl_drew_barrymore_home_13


What do you think of Drew Barrymore’s Flower Film Office in Los Angeles?


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  1. Thanks for sharing photos of the office space (a.k.a. the lab), it looks great. I agree, it does release a vibe of cheer!

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