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How Architecture Will Change in 50 Years

The World of Architecture in 50 Years

Architecture is a constantly changing art form, yet any era of architecture can be admired and some prefer historical architecture for many different reasons. The construction materials have stayed fairly constant over the years with slight modifications along the way. Some of these modifications include fire resistant materials, double pained windows, and double-pane windows.

Steel was a revolutionary material for architecture, allowing for the invention of skyscrapers which bloomed in Chicago Illinois in the early 1900’s. Steel is still obviously used in almost all urban construction as wood is still widely used in sub-urban environments.

Looking into the future we can only predict how architecture might change by looking at historical evidence and new technology that is taking place in today’s architecture. Glass is being used more often in today’s architecture as technology has furthered it’s insulating capabilities. Therefore looking into the future glass or forms of glass (plastics and silicons) will most likely continue to influence the urban as well as sub-urban environments. Scientists are working along architects to develop new construction materials. Just as steel revolutionized the architecture of the time, new forms of materials that most likely will include glass will revolutionize architecture in the future.

The urban development and design has greatly changed since it’s blossom in the early 1900’s. Urban planning has become a career and study that has been revolutionized since the Roman city blocks. Now streets are used in various forms and carry people much faster. We now face issues of pollution and congestion within our streets where public transportation has made it’s impact, yet the pollution remains to be an unresolved issue that will become an exponential issue in the next 50 years. Perhaps in the next 50 years pollution will have a revolutionary change for the better or worse depending on technological success or just common sense by eliminating the problem instead of bandaging it.

Overall by looking into the past to predict the future, we have big change in the next 50 years as there has already been mind-blowing changes in the past 50 years. By looking into today’s technology we can predict that architecture will change with glass-like materials and pollution control methods in urban settings.

Images that most accurately represent architecture in the future…

201301-w-worlds-coolest-futuristic-buildings-galaxy-soho-building-beijing city-in-the-sky futuristic-architecture the-futuristic-architectural-design-of-the-nardini-grappa-distillery-5


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