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Keith Urban’s House in Beverly Hills

Keith Urban’s California House that Surprises Fans

Keith Urban is an Australian country singer that was born in New Zealand. His father was a convenience store owner and placed an ad in his store for a guitar teacher for his son that became Keith Urban! Keith Urban is currently 46 years of age but still jams like he’s 20.

The 1965 contemporary house that Keith Urban and his wife purchased for $4.8 million has been updated to go above today’s standards. Cool colors and segmented lines bring this contemporary house to style. The house features a double entrance to spread the focus and attention making guests feel less intimidated when entering.


Location: Beverly Hills, California

Size: 4,100 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 4


Kidman-Urban-9579-Lime-Orchard-Rd-01 Kidman-Urban-9579-Lime-Orchard-Rd-06 Kidman-Urban-nursery Nicold-Kidman-Keith-Urban-9579-Lime-Orchard-2 Nicold-Kidman-Keith-Urban-9579-Lime-Orchard-ext1 Nicole-Kidman-Keith-Urban-9579-Lime-Orchard-3 Nicole-Kidman-Keith-Urban-9579-Lime-Orchard-bed Nicole-Kidman-Keith-Urban-Beverly-Hills-house



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