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Steven Ballmer’s Modest Island House

Steven Ballmer’s Small but Nice Island House

The CEO of Microsoft from 2000-2014 has been reported as the 32nd richest person according to Forbes. Ballmer was always rich, just not nearly as rich growing up. His father was a manager at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. His mother is Jewish and his father is a Swiss immigrant. In highschool he scored a perfect 800 on the SAT math portion and his success has never stopped.

Ballmer and his wife have purchased land and real estate on Whidbey Island for years now. This quaint beach house is quite cute but still not something that you would think a billion would own. The house was built in 1965 and has access to a community pool and a tennis court. This is obvioulsy not Ballmer’s primary home, just one of the multitude. The island is an hour and a half from Seattle by ferry.


Location: Whidbey Island, Washington

Size: 1,144 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2


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