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Ringo Starr’s England House

Ringo Starr is a former musician, songwriter and actor that gained his fame from being apart of the Beatles as the drummer. On most of the albums you can find that Ringo was the lead singer for at least one of the songs per album including “Yellow Submarine”.

Growing up Ringo Starr faced two health complications during his childhood that lead to close death experiences.

Ringo Starr’s house is located in the beautifully preserved area of Weybridge, Surrey.The 20’s era Tudor house features beautiful landscape that is rare to see in homes today, the entire 1.5 acres of land is well manicured and designed. The price tag of £15 million seems reasonable because this house is not only historically beautiful but its home to Ringo Starr himself. The house was called “The Brown House” and was designed by the architect T.A. Allen. It is crazy that the house was originally purchased for only  £20,000 many, many years ago.


Location: Weybridge, England

Size: N/A

Bedrooms: 6

Bathrooms: 4.5 (amount has changed)


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