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Abraj Al Bait, Fourth Tallest Building

Located in Saudi Arabia the Abraj Al Bait building is the tallest in the country and 4th tallest around the world. The building has a large worshipping room with a capacity of 10,000. A 5 star hotel is also within the building to accommodate for the many people who go on a pilgrimage to Mecca to participate in the Hajj. There is also a 20-story shopping mall. The Abraj Al Bait building also hosts thousands of residents and 2 heliports for business travelers. The building is iconic because of the sheer size and the clocks that encompass all four sides. Above the clock it says “God is the Greatest”.


Height: 1,833 ft

Stories: 120

Completed: 2012

Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Architect: Dar Al-Handasah Architects

Architectural Style: Religous


58403 Holly Kaaba Aerial_View_of_Abraj_Al_Bait_Under_Construction clock7 clock9 makkah-clock-royal-tower


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