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Top 10 American Cities By Land Area

A Top Ten List That Isn’t Very Popular

So you are probably used to hearing the largest city in the United States is New York City. Think again. Most top ten lists for largest cities or countries is based on the amount of people or the population of the area.

This time around we want to show you the actual largest cities in the United States based on how much land there is in the city limits. You may or may  not be surprised to see that most of these cities do not have very large populations and most you probably have never heard of. Check them out below.


RankCityStateLand area (sq mi)Land area (km²)Water area (sq mi)Water area (km²)Total area (sq mi)Total area (km²)Population (2010)
8Oklahoma CityOklahoma6071,57214.436.7621.21,608.8600,000


What do you think of this list? Does it change your perspective on how some cities have such large populations. Look at Phoenix, if it took up as much space as New York City, it would not even be close to the top ten list of most populated cities in the United States. The cities on this list are consequently not dense at all. Take a look at Anchorage, number 4 on the list, below. You can see that the city is clearly not very dense at all. This is a true observation when comparing it to very dense cities like San Francisco and New York.




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