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Using Renewable Energy Sources in your Home or Business

If you are a home owner or small business owner that is looking for ways to implement long-term savings from your expenses then you might want to consider using renewable sources for your energy consumption or at least part of your consumption. Not only does this help conserve the environment and reduce your carbon footprint but it gives your business or home a positive and caring image. You will need to look into the initial start-up costs, long-term cost savings, conditions of the site, regulations, availability, and financial abilities.

Types of “Green” Energy Sources

There are a handful of renewable sources that can be implemented yourself. It just takes some research and realistic outlooks. You are in a good starting point!

Geothermal Heat Pumps

During most parts of the world the temperature just a few feet below the surface remains relatively constant compared the the air that we typically use to heat our homes. Ground temperatures typically range from 45°F (7°C) to 75°F (21°C). It is much more efficient to take advantage of the warmer ground temperature during the extreme winter months and the cooler ground temperature during the scorching hot summer months. These can also be implemented in the bottom of ponds.

512px-HeatAndColdStorageWithHeatPump.svg closed_loop_system_horiz closed_loop_system_pondlake

If you reside in the United States the following link provides all of the governmental incentive for implementing geothermal heating/cooling in your area: http://www.dsireusa.org/

Passive Solar Heating and Day Lighting

Capturing the sunlight through simple architecture design can increase your savings beyond any other form of renewable sources and has a cheap start up cost if done when constructing a building. The following diagrams can show you how some of the systems are used to capture heat or lighting or both! You might have already noticed such sky lights in Walmarts or schools.

300px-Illust_passive_solar_d1 BD080101162L2_tcm138-32845 pic_walmart projectscale

Solar Photovoltaic Technology

Photovoltaic gets that name from photo meaning sunlight and voltaic meaning electricity as these systems convert sunlight to electricity. The technology was first discovered in 1954 when scientists at Bell Telephone discovered that silicon created an electric charge when exposed to the sun. Every since then solar energy has been used in calculators and homes/businesses. A typical home uses 10-40 panels for power. There are different types of panels; some that rotate with the sun and some that are situated at one point. You can purchase equipment to get started at Home Depot.

photo_10864 Solar-electricity-meter1-837x1023

We appreciate comments. Have you implemented any of these renewable energy sources? Let us know your thoughts!


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