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Kelly Clarkson’s Tennessee House


Kelly Clarkson is staying down South were she came from (Texas) with her Nashville house. Mansion would best describe this fabulous lakefront property. Her humble fame came from her success with American Idol. She plans on having more children, and she definitely has the space for 10+ with her new-ish husband Brandon Blackstock. This property close to her Nashville condo.


Location: Hendersonville, Tennessee

Size: 17,000 square feet

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 9


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Photos of Kelly Clarkson


Are you Kelly Clarkson’s #1 fan? Comment below, how do you like her house?


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  1. Kelly I am a big fan of you and your music. I listen to your music because it helps me get through things and it inspires me.

  2. Wow what a beautiful house I amsolutly love it and Kelly. Can wait to see her precious baby girl. Kelly will be and amazing mother. 🙂

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