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Rugs and Carpets That Can Bring the Best Out of a Room

Find a Rug or Carpet that Fits in with Your Living Space

Not too often do you find a home with absolutely no carpets or rugs. Some people stray away from carpets and go for complete hardwood floors for a modern look. Either way carpets are used on hardwood and even on carpets (when you want to hide a stain or dirty carpet).

The trick is you need to find a rug that matches your room/home. Go for something modern if you have a newer updated home and something more basic if you do not like rugs with crazy/ cool designs. Below are a few types of rugs you can purchase and add to your living space.

Cool Modern Rugs


Rug:  Achim Home Furnishings Capri 3-Piece Rug Set, Southwest Tiles

Price: $40

More Specifications : Click here

Rug:  IKEA GISLEV Area Rug Low Pile Modern Carpet

Price: $50

More Specifications : Click here


Rug:  New City Brand New Contemporary Black Brown and Beige Modern Wavy Circles Area Rug

Price: $74

More Specifications : Click here


Rug:  New City Brand New Contemporary Brown and Beige Modern Floral Flowers Area Rug

Price: $53

More Specifications : Click here

Older/ Other Rugs

1 area_rug arearug3 Motasham_Kashan_Rug_Skinners_Oct_05_Lot118 new_rugs orientalrug_boughtfromistockmed rug1 rugs rugs500x365

Some of the above photos of rugs to look at are on Amazon while others aren’t. Find one that will match your house.

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