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Architect, Mary Jane Colter’s Buildings


Mary Jane Colter is one of America’s prized woman architects. Born on April 4, 1869 and died on January 8, 1958, made her a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright. Her trademark is buildings that capture the history and materials of their environment. She was affluent in Native American cultures, and typically would incorporate traditional symbols and design into her masterpieces. If you visit the Grand Canyon you are likely to come across one of Mary Jane’s buildings as they are being maintained as national historical buildings.



Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter Buildings
 The Hoppi House

Located in the South rim of the Grand Canyon the Hoppi House was one of the 6 buildings in the Grand Canyon that Colter designed. The terraced levels give an imitation of Pueblo Architecture. The walls consist of redish brown stone that matches it’s surroundings. Small corner fireplaces with small windows and random niches within walls make the Hoppi House the Hoppi House.



The Lookout

The lookout is a favorite among all of Colter’s buildings because it looks as if it was meant to be there, as it is eloquently tucked into the cliffs. The rood originally had rubble leading to the top of the chimney in 1914, but it has since been renovated to meet safety concerns. Today the Lookout serves not only to please the eye but as an observation deck and a shop.






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