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Top Ten Most Breathtaking Coastlines in the World

A List of the Most Breathtaking Coastlines in the World

Coastlines run up and down the beautiful oceans of the world. Whether that coast lies on the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean, it will most likely be amazing. This is a reason why so many people love going on vacations to places like this, the views and beaches are simply amazing.

We have made a list of the Top 10 Most Breathtaking Coastlines in the World. Take a look at the list below.

Top Ten Most Breathtaking Coastlines in the World

1. Cape Town — South Africa


2. Krabi — Thailand


3. Western Coast and Lofoten Islands — Norway


4. Atlantic Ocean Coast — Morocco


5. Santorini and Mykonos — Greece


6. Scottish Coast — Scotland


7. Antarctic Coast — Antarctica


8. Ha Long Bay — Vietnam


9. Cliffs of Moher and Others — Ireland


10. Amalfi Coast — Italy

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