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Space Needle Observation Tower, Seattle Washington


The Space Needle observation tower located in Seattle Washington. The building/tower is an official landmark of the Pacific Northwest and an icon of Seattle. It was built for the the 1962 World’s Fair. It gets around 20,000 people every day using it’s elevators.


Edward E. Carlson and John Graham, Jr. combined their creativity to create a masterpiece. The original idea was a giant balloon attached to the ground. The elevators travel at 10 miles per hour, yet visitors wait for multiple hours for a 41 second elevator ride to the top.

The top observation deck has one large restaurant called Sky City that rotates, giving constant panoramic views.


Some fun facts from The Space Needle website

  • The Space Needle’s top, an aircraft warning beacon, reaches 605 feet.
  • The Observation Deck is at 520 feet.
  • The SkyCity Restaurant revolves at 500 feet.
  • The SkyLine Banquet Facility hosts events at 100 feet.
  • The Pavilion entrance and SpaceBase Retail Shop are at the ground level.
  • Space Needle’s concrete foundation goes 30 feet underground.
  • To balance its 605 foot structure, the Space Needle’s concrete foundation had to be 30 feet deep because its base was limited to a 120 by 120 foot area, due to size constraints of the lot it was purchased on.
  • The 120′ x 120′ lot the Space Needle was built on was formerly owned by the city of Seattle, then sold to investors for $75,000 in 1961.
  • Purchased in 1961, the Space Needle was given a record-breaking goal of being built in a little over a year, to be featured at the opening of the World’s Fair. When construction was successfully finished in 400 days, US Steel dubbed the Space Needle “The 400 Day Wonder.”

Y_Space-Needle-at-Night SpaceNeedleTopClose space-needle-seattle



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