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Photos and More of Houston’s Pretty Skyline

The Best City in Texas Has An Impressive Skyline

Yes, Houston may not have a skyline as amazing as Chicago or New York, but it does deserve an honorable mention. The skyline is definitely one of the best west of the Mississippi. The way the buildings are in place and light up at night make it very appealing.

Houston is not only the largest city in Texas, its also the 4th largest city in the United States. Many people have moved to Houston for jobs and the weather. Some random facts about Houston, Texas: It is home to the first mayor who was openly gay, The city was also involved very much in the American Civil War. Check out pictures below of this amazing city and its skyline.

houston jetsetz-cheap-houston-flights Houston-Skyline houston_skyline_dusk Houston-Texas-Skyline

Downtown_Houston_Skyline_Night1 740_MKT_HOUSTON_IMG_5009 What do you think of the Houston skyline? Leave a comment below. Also follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.


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  1. You’re right. Our skyline may not be as “amazing” as Chicago or New York, but, it’s certainly “prettier” than New York’s, and, when you consider that we have SIX skylines, our “airscape” is more impressive than Chicago’s. Fly around Houston at about 1,200 feet (watch your air space) and take a gander at our six city centers, and you’ll see what I believe to be America’s most impressive skyscape. I know, it’s one man’s opinion, but, Houston really is America’s best-kept secret.

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