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Hong Kong’s Spectacular Skyline and History

One of a Kind City: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the two special Administrative Regions of the China. The other special city is Macau. These cities are a lot like Washington D.C. in the United States because of their administrative aspects. There are 1,223 skyscrapers in Hong Kong. It has more buildings higher than 500 feet than any other city. The high density and tall skyline of Hong Kong’s urban area occurred because of a lack of available space.

Not only does Hong Kong have a lot of power, but also an amazing skyline. Check out the skyline below: 6 hong-kong Hong-Kong_skyline hongkong2 hong-kong-harbor-night-cruise-and-dinner-at-victoria-peak-in-hong-kong-114436 Sky-100-Victoria-Harbor-Hong-Kong-Skyline skyline_2847979a

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  1. That is stunning! I had no idea Hong Kong looked so incredible! Like a jewel-box tumbling out… Especially the fourth photo down from the top.

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