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James Franco’s House in Los Angeles

James Franco’s Amazing House in California

Location: 8222 Marmont Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Stats: 3 BR, 3-1/2 BA

James Franco’s house on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles was for sale back in 2009. The house was sold for around $3,700,000 a few years ago. The amazing house is located in a very nice area of Los Angeles. The home is a newer looking house. James Franco must have loved this house while he lived there.

James Franco is famous for being in many movies, such as Pineapple Express and This Is The End. He is basically one of the most pretentious men in Hollywood today and will continue to have great success in the future. Just look at his house for proof!

Look at the house below:

james-franco-house-for-sale james-franco-house


12 Sep 2010 — James Franco — Image by © Casey Rodgers/Corbis Outline

July 31, 2008 Westwood, Ca.
James Franco
” Pineapple Express” Los Angeles Premiere
Held at Mann Village Theater
© Gaas / AFF-USA.COM


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