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Is a Fixer Upper Right For You?


Fixing up old homes can bring joy and feeling of accomplishment, but for some it can turn into a real disaster. Your result will depend on a few factors. If you love old homes and the unique charm that comes with them then fixing up one should be right for you. It is obvious that if you prefer a new home then its not! If you are in the middle, like you like the architectural charm of old homes (hardwood floors, historic trim, claw foot tubs and so on) but you also like new features like stainless steel appliances, then fixing up an old home might be right in your alley!

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There are fields of architecture that deal with the specific needs of renovating old architectural wonders, but don’t let that intimidate you. A lot of times fixing up an older home in an up and coming neighborhood can also benefit your wallet, depending on the way you do it, you can become fairly rich from the real estate market. There is a certain niche of home buyers that are looking for charming houses with outstanding architectural features that will pay big bucks for it.


When it comes down to it you need to know for yourself if it is a right things for you, but here are some tips if you are going to go forward and take on that architectural dream house.


  • Don’t do it alone, this can be depressing when you have to deal with all of the problems that are probably going to arise.
  • Have an interest in architecture, perhaps read more about it on Urban Splatter!
  • Don’t take shortcuts, even if it saves you some money, it is not ever worth it.
  • Know your limits, for example, I know that I can not do electrical work or I will electrocute myself.
  • Have fun, making it into something that you are passionate about will help, and after all it comes down to the house that you or someone will eventually live in.
  • Watch some architecture renovation tv shows, my favorite currently is Nicole Curtis’ Rehad Addict (she is not in rehab for drug use, she is addicted to renovating houses). Just because she is a young, blonde, hot single mom doesn’t mean she can’t do anything that the old fat men can’t do.



  • If your house looks like this, then I am sorry.

I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.


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