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Eminem’s House in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Eminem’s House in His Native Michigan

Eminem owns many properties around the world. The Michigan house, which he bought in 2003 ended up being $4.7 million. The grand mansion is located in Rochester Hills, just north of his hometown of Detroit. The city is known as The World’s Image Center and was once known as the floral city.

The property is spread in the area of 5.69-acre in which his grand mansion is built. The house is built in the area of 15,000 square feet and has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. Eminem’s house also features an outdoor swimming pool, large oval-shaped pond, a full tennis/basketball court, and over 14,000-sq ft of living space. Look at the pictures of Eminem’s awesome house.

Eminem is a Grammy Award winning rapper from Detroit, Michigan and this house is actually nearby. Eminem made a great choice with the location because its near his hometown, but not too ratchet for his celeb status!


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  1. I was leaving stoney creek the other day with a friend and we were just driving around on some dirt roads and accidentally found eminems house. This palace is massive!

  2. Live in Rochester Hills, Michigan and Love the fact the you are from and live in Michigan. It would be Awesome if he and I could meet and go to a concert of your to celebrate our 6th Anniversery this May!

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