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Seattle Skyline Pictures and More

Seattle and Its Amazing Skyline

Seattle’s economy is made up of older industrial companies, and “new economy” Internet and technology companies, design, service, and clean technology companies. The city’s gross product was $231 billion in 2010.  This made it the 12th largest metropolitan economy in the United States. The Port of Seattle, which also operates Seattle–Tacoma International Airport, is a major gateway for business and trade with Asia, and is the 8th largest port in the United States in terms of its capacity.

Seattle has kept a strong economy and remains a hotbed for new businesses, especially in green building and clean technologies: it was ranked as America’s Number 1 “smarter city” based on its government policies and green economy.

Bill Gates house is located near Seattle and many other celebrities have houses here or started their careers here. The city is also known for its hipster scene. This is also seen in cities not too far away from Seattle, like Portland, Oregon.

img_about SEA_01 Seattle (1) seattle (2) seattle seattle-skyline-with-space-needle

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