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Dwyane Wade’s House in Miami

Dwayne’s Life

Dwyane Wade was born in Chicago in 1982. He arguably was the most famous American professional basketball player of the Miami Heat before Lebron James. Dwyane along with his mother, Jolinda Wade and young sister Tragil struggled and had to live on welfare. In his quote Dwyane states, ‘there were no birthday or Christmas presents, and you didn’t ever ask for what you wanted’. And it became Dwyane’s childhood mission to overcome this poverty and accomplish his goals. Dwyane’s life became better he moved in with his father in a south suburban Chicago home. The new place was a great environment for him to succeed and become what he is today! Fast foward many years and Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade bought a grand mansion that costed $10.6 million!


The estate has the living area of 13,000 sq ft. and also features more than 150 feet of bay frontage. The interior of the house has a ‘W’ sign on floor in most of the rooms. The house has pretty bedrooms and the outside of the house has an amazing swimming pool. The house also boasts a large kid’s room with colorful patters on the walls.



The house is located on the spectacular location of Miami Beach. The beach front property is in the coastal resort city in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Miami Beach is one of the favorite destinations of many celebrities hence they have built holiday homes there. Stars like Shakira have their holiday home in Miami.




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