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Anderson Cooper Buys a New York City Firehouse

Built in 1906 in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York, Anderson Cooper paid $4.3 million in January 2010 for a firehouse. It is four floors high and 8,240 square feet inside.The exterior originally was painted completely with dark red paint, but has been stripped down. Now you can see original stone and brick and terra cotta details. After the upper floors, he has the ground level stripped down as well. With the 100 year old paint job gone, the classic brick building looks brand new after renovation.

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Interior shots are scarce, but the building was filled with brass fire poles, spiral staircases and huge overhead wood beams. Cooper decides to keep most of the classic details and even add to them. The home gym he is building is going to be styled after the original early 1900s fireman’s gym, with climbing ropes and bar weights.



He apparently installed an elevator in his new house. We can assume he saved at least one fire pole, for when a breaking story hits and he has to be out the front door right away. The front door is also redone in black.

What do you think of Anderson Cooper’s new firehouse?


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