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“50 architecture ideas you really need to know” Book Review

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Book Review by Urban Splatter

If you are like me, you usually don’t buy books but you rent them from the library. After racking up unexpected late fees I decided to stick to purchasing books, because I like to consume them over months of reading, not months of late fees.

Barnes and Noble sells great books on architecture, and one specifically that I purchased for fairly cheap (around $8.00). What I like about “50 architecture ideas you really need to know” by Philip Wilkinson is that it a very simple right to the point kind of book that covers a wide variety of architecture topics. While reading this book I found myself on the computer researching what was briefly explained in the book. I prefer this unique way of “consuming” information. Who doesn’t find themselves on Wikipedia reading random articles from time to time?

Wilkinson’s book is a great book for an introduction to architecture. It is also great for those who are narrowed into a certain style of architecture to widen their horizon onto other styles categorized in different time eras. The book covers almost everything from the Greeks scripts on “The Orders” of architecture columns and the Roman’s exquisite engineering to deconstructivism and green architecture.

I would recommend this book to anyone really, but specifically it would benefit children interested in architecture (I wish I had this book when I was 10) or currently new architecture students, or anyone who is interested in architecture and wants to know what they supposedly need to know about architecture.

What is your favorite era of architecture? Have you read this book? What do you think? Comment and let us know!

About the Author (from

Philip Wilkinson’s many books include the award-winning Amazing Buildings, the ground-breaking English Buildings Book, and several TV tie-ins for the BBC’s major series, Restoration. He is also the author of Quercus’ giant book Frank Lloyd Wright.


  • Author Philip Wilkinson
  • ISBN 9781848660656
  • Imprint Quercus
  • Binding Hardcover
  • Extent 208 pages
  • Dimensions 200 x 170 mm
  • RRP $24.95
  • Release Date August 2010
  • Category Non-Fiction/Architecture
  • You Really Need to Know

Contents include:

  • The Orders,
  • Prefabrication,
  • Machine aesthetics,
  • Roman engineering,
  • Beaux Arts,
  • Dymaxion,
  • Romanesque,
  • Arts and Crafts,
  • Alternative architecture,
  • Gothic,
  • Conservation,
  • Functionalism,
  • Renaissance,
  • Skyscraper,
  • Plug-in city,
  • Baroque,
  • City Beautiful,
  • Minimalism,
  • Rococo,
  • Art Nouveau,
  • Brutalism,
  • Palladianism,
  • Secession,
  • Townscape,
  • Neo-Classicism,
  • Art Deco,
  • Postmodernism,
  • Character,
  • Garden city,
  • Contextual design,
  • Taste, Futurism,
  • Hi Tech,
  • The Picturesque,
  • Constructivism,
  • Deconstructivism,
  • The Sublime,
  • Bauhaus,
  • Historicism,
  • Landscape garden,
  • De Stijl,
  • Community architecture,
  • Revivalism,
  • International Style,
  • Green architecture,
  • Restoration,
  • Expressionism,
  • Urbanism,
  • Industrial,
  • Organic architecture,
  • Eclecticism

I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.

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