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Jessica Simpson’s House for Sale

  • Price: $8,000,000
  • Address: 9555 Lime Orchard Road, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Category: House for Sale
  • Bed: 5
  • Bath: 5
  • Listed in: 2013
  • Home Size: 5500 sqft

Jessica Simpson’s Beverly Hills house for sale is in a hidden area celebrities love. This breathtaking home is perfect for those looking for peace and quiet. The exterior of the home is cut off from the rest of the world by its massive wooden gate and fence, and provides the perfect escape for those looking to avoid the prying eye of the paparazzi. The property consists of over 13,000 square feet and includes a pool and garden area. It is both romantic and modern in the interior and has a beautiful layout. The entry way leads directly to a spiral staircase with an impressive chandelier over head that screams class and elegance.

The upstairs of the home has a nursery for Jessica’s daughter that reminds us of the previous owner’s lifestyle. A his and hers bathroom is adjacent to the nursery and is just one of the 5.5 bath’s inside the home. Downstairs we find a massive kitchen that can allow a chef to cook for Jessica. The floor has a gorgeous design suitable for a celebrity of Jessica’s stature. In the living room there is a cow hide throw rug that represents Jessica’s Texas roots as it lies under the modern couch and sitting chairs. The home brings together privacy, natural beauty, and class all at the same time!

Look at photos of the mansion below. What do you think of this beauty? Leave a comment below!

jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house18 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house17 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house16 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house15 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house10 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house11 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house12 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house13 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house14 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house09 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house08 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house07 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house06 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house05 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house01 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house02 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house03 jessica-simpson-beverly-hills-house04

Leave comments below here please! What do you think of the mansion?


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