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Grammys Nominee Taylor Swift’s Cape Cod House



As the 2013 Grammy Awards are coming up closer and closer attention to certain musicians is rising, as in Taylor Swift. How many Grammy Awards has Taylor Swift won?  She has won six total Grammy awards.  She has quite the selection of real estate, including the beach property in MA.

Pop star Taylor Swift has finalized the deal on the $4.8 Million property beside the Kennedy Estate in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. The original list price of the property was $13.5 Million but it was finally sold for $4.9 Million. The property was initially owned by Ocean Drive LLC, a shell company and was purchased by Swift’s financial management team this week.

Location: The stunning mansion is located next to the Kennedy ancestral home in Nantucket Sound, Hyannis Port, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and is one of the most sought after properties in the area.

Accommodation: The mansion has seven master bed rooms along with a decorated living room, six bathrooms and a private beach. The mansion is built on a 1.11 acre plot and measures 4,440 sq feet. The rooms have a clear view of the Atlantic and the master bed room offers the best views of the ocean. There are no other properties in the vicinity of the oceanfront property which makes this luxury home more desirable.
Features: The different rooms have different inspiration and while the living room has a country feel to it, the master bedroom is very simple. Almost all of the seven bed rooms are sea facing and as a result, the property has clear ocean front views from every room. The lounge is however the prized property of the estate as it offers an unhindered view of the whole landscape from one room. With a circular parking space in the front and three separate garage spaces, the property is one of the hottest in the area.
Neighborhood: Hyannis Port is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Nantucket Sound with the Kennedys being her immediate neighbor. The property is owned by Ethel Kennedy along with her grandson Connor Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy Junior and Mary Kennedy.

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