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4 Best Architecture TV Shows to Watch When You’re Bored

Best Architecture TV Shows

Architecture is integrated within more channels than you might think. If you are interested in any sort of architectural design, then you have probably came across HGTV, the main show that integrates architecture. The following list of channels are of what I have access to. I am not sure of any other channels, because I do not have the fancy expensive tv package. Be aware that all of these shows can become addicting, so please limit yourself.

4- HGTV’s House Hunters


House Hunters is based off of typically new couples looking to buy a new home (not always a house). The show usually has around 3 houses that the couples choose from. The show is great because it gives you insight into real estate, and different architecture in different locations. House Hunters International is a “spin off” of House Hunters. The International version is even better, because it takes you to different architecture styles from around the world. It also reveals different cultures. I put House Hunters at the bottom of the list, because I have a suspicion that House Hunters is fake. It kinda ruins the show. What are the chances that people would actually like a home from only looking at 3? A participant in the show later stated that the house chosen at the end was already chosen prior to the show, and they just look two other houses that were potential houses. I’ve been watching this show since I was around 10 years old so I have just assumed since then that it was real. Yet its unrealistic set-up, it’s a show that will always stick to me.

3- Property Brothers

Where do I even start with this show, its just so amazing!  Jonathan and Drew Scott are both identical twin brothers, and they help home buyers to purchase and renovate fixer-uppers. I think what makes the show so successful is the twin connection that everyone adores. Its so fascinating to me how they work together. Jonathan is “hands on” construction type of guy who actually renovated the houses. Drew is the business man who find the houses, and designs them. Its almost as if their thoughts intertwine.

Just like House Hunters the show can become unrealistic at some points. It was admitted that they have 3 experienced construction crews that constantly work on the house to get it done within the 4-6 week time period.

Jonathan and Drew Scott became entrepreneurs at the age of 7. “We turned seven and our dad said we had to get a job,” the brothers explain. “We were looking at the want ads but our very first job was a company we started called JAM Enterprises [it was for Jon, Andrew, Mom] and we made those hangers that weave nylon around it and there’s a little rose on it. We sold thousands of them and ended up hooking up with a woman who owned a bunch of American paraphernalia stores in Japan and she bought them by the crates!”

If you have already watched Property Brothers you will now have more insight into the show, and if you haven’t then you probably want to start!



2- Million Dollar Listing

If you are looking for a reality show experience then Million Dollar Listing is for you. The show is on season 5, featuring Madison Hildebrand, Josh Flagg, and Josh Altman. The show consists of young, mostly gay realtors that sell multi-million dollar houses in the Beverly Hills area. I really enjoy the show, but sometimes I get disappointed in the lack of architecture. The show is sometimes overwhelmed with the reality part, but that is what it actually is so I can’t really complain. Some of the houses are just amazing. The show is featured on Bravo, because its basically a reality show. Million Dollar Listing will show you the celebrity lifestyle, that you will never have. Well……maybe.

1- Extreme Homes


 I’ve been saving the best for last. Extreme Houses is on HGTV, and it is the best “strictly architecture” show that I have seen so far. It gives in-depth tours of extremely weird houses. The name says it all. Some of the houses make me go crazy. I have posted some houses that originated from the tv show, but a lot of times they don’t say who currently lives there. It is so entertaining, because you are the critic of different houses. I seem to always hate the houses at first. Once they start to explain the ideas behind the architecture, I begin to love it. I have seen some of the most creative houses on this show. I am never disappointing from watching this show. The show exposes the audience to different styles of architecture from a variety of different countries, inspiring me to look at architecture with a different lens. All in all, Extreme Houses takes the place of being the best architecture show that I have seen, so far…..


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  1. Thanks for the list. I´ll take a look at them…

    Another great show is Grand Designs. It´s a show on Channel 4 from the UK.

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