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Two Cheapest Kitchen Renovations add Value to your House

The profitability of the investment you make into renovating your home depends directly on how much you put in, and what you put that money into. These are the two factors determining your success. For example putting in a huge pool is not the safest investment, but some people just don’t care about the financial gain. Whether you are renovating a house for resale or just renovating for the personal comfort, these tips will be sure to help you.

Bargain #1 Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Must easier and cheaper than gutting an entire kitchen. If you handy enough you may want to do this yourself. All it really takes is the right tools, new cabinet doors, and new hardware. Sometimes you are not able to even notice the same kitchen after such a simple renovation. I have even seen some people remove the inner wooden part of the cabinet (leaving just the frame) and replacing it with glass. This can make a small kitchen really open up.







Would you like an example? Kitchen Solvers, a resurfacing company in La Crosse, Wisc., offers the example of a client paying $6,000 to install solid cherry doors on existing cabinetry, rather than shelling out $24,000 to install everything new. That sure sounds like a good savings to us.

Bargain #2 Installing New Kitchen Counter-top

A lot of people enjoy the look of naturally lavished stone counters, but don’t enjoy the steep price. Stone counters are a definite plus in today’s market, whether you like it or not. A lot of times stone yards will sell the remain-ants for less, saving you money. Or you can go for local types of stone, not the fancy imported ones from Italy. I do know that some laminates can look similar to stone, but it really gives off a tacky look, so don’t do it! At the least do the “processed marble,” I would never consider putting tiles as the counters though. Please don’t. I relate tiles to being on the floor where its dirty, therefore your counter look dirty. Don’t do it!


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