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Best Fish Tanks from TV Show Tanked

My favorite tv show has to be Tanked. The reason I love this show is because it combines architecture with fish tanks. They design and create outstanding fish tanks for multiple clients. The show makes me want to make a fish tank myself. Tanked is a newer TV show featured on Animal Planet. It is the one year anniversary today August 7th! The TV show takes place in Las Vegas Nevada.

The fish tank above was build with the construction of the Inspiring Body of Christ Church in South Dalls, Texas, a $40 million complex. With more than 80 species of fish swim through the 90-foot long, 10-foot wide aquarium the people of this church can enjoy being around nature during sermons. This amount of money the church spent of building this aquarium was a huge debate. Do you think its right for a church to spend that much money on a fish tank when they could donate or help others that need it more?

Above ^ In Jamestown, North Carolina Furniture Land was featured in the Tanked Show. They built a really cool bed with a fish tank over it. I can so see myself having a fish tank like that when I am older!


< To the left is an image of one of the tanks from Tanked. They created a tank that was supposed to mimic the THE MAGGIE B. They created it for a sick child that has a shortened life expectancy. The child can go under the tank and look up from under it. This is one of my favorite tanks because it is the most meaningful and inspiring one. Now that child can explore the aquatic life so much at home.




Information obtained from petfishplants.com


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  1. Hi I would like to order a chep but nice small beta fish tank.But it hast to have a open top on top of the fish tank.I want it in a spongebob tank can you please email to tell me if you can do it thank you.

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