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5 Unique and Cool McDonald’s Restaurants

Some McDonald’s You Wish You Went To

When McDonalds wanted to build a restaurant in Sedona, Arizona they had a problem. The city thought that golden arches would be an eye-sore. So they decided to settle on Turquoise arches!

The Netherlands is home to a very different McDonalds restaurant. Parking is below the building and the drive-through is on the second level. You must take an elevator to dine!

Orlando, Florida is home to the box of french fries! Some consider this the largest as the one in Oklahoma doesn’t use the entire building for the restaurant. The one in Oklahoma is below.

Located in Vinita, Oklahoma this McDonalds was controversially named the largest in the world!

Located in Barstow, California this McDonalds refurbished a few train cars as Barstow is historically known for trains.

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