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Need a Cheap Modern Rug? IKEA is the Answer

Places for rugs that will make you room look amazing

In most cases you are in need of a rug to match a room that has a lot of variety in it, and there are multiple great solutions to fix that. By simply adding a rug to any room, even a bathroom, you add comfort and style. Adding rugs also dampens sounds making a room more peaceful. It is nice to spend thousands of dollars on a rug but not always efficient. Lavishing on real wool rugs can be expensive and what if someone spills on it? Plus you cannot use a regular vacuum on fur rugs so how do you get all of the little pieces out? You have to rake them out! What a pain. That is why it’s much more convenient and cheaper to go with a synthetic one.

Personally I buy my rugs from IKEA because they have modern rugs for marvelous prices. That does not mean that other retail stores are not good because there are many good options. Here are my favorite options.

This is a really cool rug also from IKEA. I like this one because it reminds me on the ocean because of the sea color and wavy pattern. This one is only $30, you can’t beat that!

This rug is great for a more feminine look., also comes in a gray color. Very modern and has a cool pattern, and don’t forget that is it exptremely cheap!

This is my favorite rug from IKEA. I personally own it. It is perfect for a college student or for kids because it is so cheap and surprisingly large!














Now that you have seen multiple great rugs from IKEA I think you should also check out other stores! Here is some that I recommend.

ikea SONY DSC ikea-logo IKEA-store

Target- They sell many budget friendly options with a contemporary look. Target is also a great option for local shoppers.


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