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Jenga Building Planned to be Constructed 56 Leonard Street

The reason I called this a jenga building was because of all the cantilever bulges coming out of the building. The sides of the building will be completely glass. The construction began in 2007 but was seized due to financial problems during that time. Now with construction booming, hopefully the construction of this building will start again. I will keep you updated with this as it is going to be announced very soon. Prices for the condos will begin at 3.5 million and extend to as far as 33 million. With a 75 foot pool and 12 feet glass doors, this is not an average building. It will be extremely tall at 57 stories!

When I first saw the image for this building I thought that it was just concept art. I was shocked when I read that it was under construction in New York! My favorite part of the architecture is that every condo has its own individual floor plan. I have never heard of that before. The building was designed by:  Herzog & De Meuron Architects. Their website: There is a shiny ball like structure on the bottom corner of the building that looks like the building is actually squishing it. It reminds me of the Bean in downtown Chicago, doesn’t it? Overall I think that this is a really unique and interesting building, but doesn’t look very structurally supported.


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